About Us



We are Charles and Cecile, French fashion designers. Our company, Aum made, is specialized in designing and creating children fashion, accessories and creative women’s jewellery in ceramic.

We launched our project, Aum made, in September 2008.
More than a company and a brand, Aum made is a real state of mind where quality meets creativity, spirituality and way of living. AUM, the most famous indian Mantra, tends to integrate each and every particle of the universe in a unique and inseparable place that could be defined by the words One, Unity. This spirit resonates in each steps of our creations.

We live now between India and Paris, where we get most of our inspiration, quality fabrics and materials.


Our jewelry are inspired, created and produced by Cecile Mostais Bazire, French ceramist.
Each bracelet, necklace, pendant, ornament, earring, ring is a unique piece.
Cecile models the clay, works enamels, and creates fine jewelry, pure and colorful. The final assembly is embellished with noble materials: leather, silver, bronze...
The surprising combination of glazes, shapes, styles and sometimes Asian or Native American influences mingle and her creations leave no one indifferent.

Some personal order can also be made (shapes and colors of your choice)

AUM MADE, fashion’s playground & Indian French touch!